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Healthy Small Groups
Take your small group ministry to the next level.

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The Idea Behind Motivation
You can't build a head of steam for a weak idea.

Balancing Church, Family and Career
Lay leaders explain how they maintain that essential but elusive equilibrium.

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Small Group Fitness Kit
by Thom Corrigan (NavPress, 1996)
Discusses the attitudes necessary to be an effective small group leader-flexibility, ability to manage chaos, willingness to make mistakes, etc., and offers solutions to the 10 most common problems that small groups encounter.

Leading Life-Changing Small Groups
by Bill Donahue (Zondervan, 1994)
Insights from a leader in the Willow Creek Association.

Nine Keys to Effective Small Group Leadership
by Carl George (Kingdom Publishing, 1997)
The longtime consultant surveys what works and doesn't.

The Big Book on Small Groups
by Jeffrey Arnold (InterVarsity, 1992)
Comprehensive guide for ministry trainers and small group leaders. Includes activities for groups.

How to Build a Small Groups Ministry
by Neal McBride (NavPress, 1995)
Provides 12 logical steps for creating and developing a small group ministry. Includes case studies and worksheets.


Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Faith in Community
by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (HarperSanFrancisco, 1978)
A short, powerful book on the nature of biblical community.

The Wounded Healer
by Henri J.M. Nouwen (Doubleday, 1979)
Leads Christians to develop compassion and openness as they minister.

Experiencing Community
by Thom Corrigan (NavPress, 1996)
Tools to build authentic community in small groups by moving beyond meetings to building loving, supportive and encouraging relationships.


Disciples are Made, Not Born
by Walter A. Henrichsen (ChariotVictor, 1988)

(Serendipity House, 1998)
A Bible study guide for small groups on discipleship.

Basic Discipleship
by Floyd and Frank McClung (InterVarsity, 1992)

Daily Discipleship
by Leroy Eims (NavPress, 1999)


101 Great Ideas to Create a Caring Group
by Thom Corrigan (NavPress, 1997)
Activities aimed at achieving what the author describes as the "four C's" of community (caring for groups, caring in groups, caring outside groups, and caring as a group).

201 Great Questions
by Jerry Jones (NavPress, 1989)
The former president of Single Adult Ministries offers icebreakers and other questions.

Small Group Outreach
by Jeffrey Arnold (InterVarsity, 1998)

Discipleship Journal's 101 Best Small Group Ideas
(NavPress, 1996)
A compilation from Discipleship Journal.

New Testament Lesson Maker
(NavPress, 1992)
Available in print and on CD-ROM. Includes Bible study outlines for every section of the New Testament.

Serendipity Encyclopedia
Lyman Coleman, editor (Serendipity House, 1997)
Creative ideas for small groups.

Purpose Driven Small Groups Conference

Building A Church of Small Groups: A Place Where Nobody Stands Alone
by Bill Donahue and Russ Robinson
Small groups are one of the best places for people to experience true community. This book explains the journey Willow Creek Church has been on in pursuing connection in small groups. (Zondervan, 2001; ISBN 0310240352)

Growing People Through Small Groups
by David Stark and Betty Veldman Wieland
Focus your small group efforts on God's leading and people's needs to truly make an impact through small groups. This is a practical resource that encourages small groups to develop people and empower them to use their gifts. (Bethany, 2004; ISBN 0764229125)

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