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How to Start a Disability Ministry

These steps will help lay the foundation for an exceptional ministry to men and women with disabilities.

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References:Luke 14:21-23

Launching a ministry to children and adults with disabilities is a daunting assignment. Many churches are already spread thin on volunteers, space, and money—they can hardly imagine taking on another ministry. Other churches don't know where to start, how to find resources, or how to reach their community in this new way.

The following video is an excerpt from the Exceptional Teaching Online program developed by CCFH.org.  If your church isn't offering any ministry to the disability community—or if it's struggling in the ministry it is offering—consider how these steps could work in your church.

For the complete Exceptional Teaching Online training course, visit CCFH.org.

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May 10, 2013  7:32am

Hi, I am legally blind suffering from an eye disease called " Pathological degenerative myopia". Both my wife and I are christians. I find as a vision impaired person, that a lot of fellowships do not cater for people with my type of disability, I also tend to feel very uncomfortable in some churches, especially with healing type ministries. If your not healed, don't come here. It just doesn't look good when a church that boasts of it's healing ministry. People tend to say; that God won't heal you if you have some hidden sin in your life. I just stay away and spend time with God in prayer, and with my wife.

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April 12, 2013  9:38am

I feel so many people are suffering in churches today. There is no love, respect, encouragement for each other. There are so many unmet needs, the flesh seems to rule today. I read a book by Harold Camping, called The End of The Church Age, stating that the Holy Spirit has left the church. and that very few are acutally being saved, only attending church. I find that I can no longer go through the motions of just sitting on the pew, going along with whatever is happening just to be a part of a church. This gospel is so simple, yet man has complicated it. as I find out the truth I seek more of the truth, serving and helping others. I am praying about a ministry callled Brothers and Sisters Serving in Spirit and in Truth. I pray for anyone needing more of the real Jesus to have their dreams met.

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Nahashon Mweberi

March 06, 2013  11:36am

Dear Pastor. It is my good pleasure to confess that Jesus is lord in my life. He gave his life for my sake that i may live again. Am humbled before the lord and before you as a core worker together with Christ in the kingdom of God to effect the world by reaching out to the sinners and share the goodness of God to all that they may too come to the lord. My Names are pastor Nahashon mweberi from Kenya in East Africa. I am an outreach pastor committed in serving the lord by reaching to the villages and speaking to the lost souls one on one, crusades, seminars and disciple training programs. This vision came to me when i realized that there are people who cant travel for long distance to hear God's word because of a high level of poverty. some other places are interior in that most people cant penetrate there because of lucking transportation but i thank God am reaching many souls and are giving their lives to the Lord. My desire with the team i work with is to live as Christ lived, love as he loved and serve as he served. I have seen your website and i feel in my spirit that you are the right ministry to work with by inviting you here in Kenya for a mission. Our aim is that people may know God as we lift the name of Jesus high. We are also reaching so many young and old people living with mental and physical disabilities and showing the love of God to them and their families.We yearn to give the community live changing skills which will help them overcome poverty challenges and embrace Christ We kindly invite you and your ministry to come and have mission work with us. Matthew 28:18-20. May the blessings of the Lord dwell in you greatly. Much love for you from brothers and sisters in the Lord from Kenya. Hope to hear from you soon. Pastor Nahashon mweberi, Phone: +254723546589 email: mnaxeen@yahoo.com

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Jaime Castro

May 31, 2012  8:51am

Thank you for the info. My name is Jaime Castro and I'm the founder and president of Abilities Ministries International (www.abilitiesministries.org). We support churches in starting up Abilities Ministries which operate as a fully integrated part with the regular worship services of mainstream churches. The Abilities Ministries is the first self-sufficient and self-sustained inclusion ministry for people with disabilities. Check us out online at: www.abilitiesministries.org

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JOYce Weatherford

April 05, 2012  2:11pm

Great video; thanks for sharing. I have been in special needs ministry since 2003. I love when everyone shares.

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