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How to Mentor Millennials
Young people are longing for authenticity and direction.
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In some ways, people never change. But each generation receives and perceives information differently. In mentoring younger people, we may need to find a new way to tell the old story that we love so much. This download suggests some ways to do that, and offers some ideas for wooing back the Millennials who are often absent from our churches. The language for reaching postmoderns may be different, but the basic needs are the same. This packet gives you the best of the past and the present by giving you practical steps in mentoring Millennials.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Stay One Step Ahead

A New Way to Tell the Old Story
James Choung has found a way to tell the old, old story to a new generation.

Searching for the Lost Generation
Insights for those trying to mentor Millennials.

Keepin' It Real
The language for reaching postmoderns may be different, but the basic needs are the same.

Back to a (Theology of) Work We Go ...
Why the church must talk about vocation and not just mission if it hopes to engage young adults.

Bringing Millennials into Leadership
This is a bright and upbeat generation.

Developing Future Church Leaders
Seven principles for mentoring the next generation.

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