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How Honest Should I Be?
Authenticity is important in ministry, but it’s easy to turn it into marketing. Authenticity is important in ministry, but it's easy to turn it into marketing.
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This download will help you discover if the way you are being authentic with those you lead is helping or hindering your ministry. Sam O'Neal gives a humorous vignette of honesty gone wrong. Megan Hill helps us identify what authenticity truly is. Marie Osborne shows us that we can turn admitting our weaknesses into an idol. Sharon Hodde Miller insists we lose authenticity as soon as we begin to seek it. And Trevor Lee offers an assessment that provides balance as we seek to be honest with those we lead.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Letting It All Hang Out

Leader's Guide
How to use "How Honest Should I Be?" for a group study.

A Picture of Authenticity
Why revealing our true selves is both necessary and terrifying.

Keeping it Real: The Truth about Authenticity
Do we Christians even understand what the buzzword means?

The Idol of "Keeping it Real"
Do Christians embrace authenticity too much?

Real, Authentic Authenticity
It's an attribute that disappears as soon as it's intentionally sought.

The Leader's Role in Building Trust
How well are you modeling trust and authenticity to your group?

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Tom Feliciano

November 01, 2013  3:16pm

As time goes on being real will not be an option. The young people in Churches today hands down want real. As they become the Leaders of tomorrow (If they are still in you Church) being real is high on there agenda. The thing about being is that it gives you more Power. We're all sinners and we know it, we sin every day. Being real is just admitting it>

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