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Encouragement to Persevere
This devotional booklet can give perspective when you are weary of ministry.
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Sometimes, in the midst of a busy ministry life, we have to step back and get our bearings to continue. We have to remember why we're giving our life away for very little earthly reward. But when we renew our perspective, we can persevere. This download offers wisdom and encouragement from leaders to help you persevere in your own efforts for God’s kingdom.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Don't Give Up

Leader's Guide
How to use Encouragement to Persevere" for a group study."

Ministry Blah
What can you do when you're discouraged about your God inspired service?

How to Beat the Doldrums
Keep going no matter how tempted you are to quit.

A Crisis of Faith
God's faithfulness to us is not dependent upon our level of faith in him.

Rest for the Weary
You need to learn where to go when you're empty and spent.

Staying Faithful
Followers of God grow weary, but they must also stay faithful.

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