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Communicating Your Ministry's Vision
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This Gifted for Leadership resource is aimed at giving you practical ideas and perspectives in how to communicate vision.

This Resource contains all of the following:

The Tough Job of Communicating

Confidence Without Clarity
When perfectly clear vision isn’t there, how does a leader move forward?

5 Signs Your Leadership Has Quit on You
How to know when you’re losing credibility.

What's Wrong with People Pleasing?
The pitfalls of approval-motivated leadership.

New Management Needed
People aren’t horses to be trained—tips for “managing” souls.

Leading Distracted People
5 ways to de-clutter ministry without losing impact.

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Robert L. Hamilton

August 15, 2014  1:21pm

CONTENT: The content is helpful but seems a little light and fluffy. Apparently, written with Christian women not men in mind. PRESENTATION: I offer the following observations as a former award-winning marketing communications professional. Your "Overview" above said this was a "practical" presentation, but I respectfully disagree in regard to its graphics. In the past I've bought many studies from CT publications. Serving ministries with limited budgets I appreciated the straight-forward "Black on White" but not boring layouts. They were well designed teaching tools to be "mass" produced. But recently an "artist" tried to improve the CT studies by adding some visual flair & multiple colors. WRONG!!! Do you know how much more it costs a ministry to reproduce multi-color studies in quantity? Does CT have stock in Hewlett-Packard ink?. Multi-color designs don't add but distract from a study's ability to communicate a message. K.I.S.S -- Keep It Simple & Successful. PLEASE!

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