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Assess the Effectiveness of Your Women's Ministry
Use these assessment forms to help you and your team discern whether you are truly helping women in your women's ministry.
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Women's ministry is changing because women are changing. Women now make up 50 percent of the work force, often are raising children alone, or simply are involved in so many things that they haven't the energy to devote to the ministry we offer them. Too often our women's ministries haven't changed from the popular model that worked 30 years ago. If that is true of your women's ministry, these assessment forms will help you evaluate what might work instead. Or if you have changed your women's ministry, it will help you determine if that change has been good or if you have simply swapped the old model for a new one that is equally ineffective.

NOTE: You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource to be distributed in a church or educational setting.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Big Changes in Women's Ministry

Leader's Guide
How to use this assessment pack with a group.

Not Your Mother's Church Social
7 fresh ways to reach out to women today.

Mentoring and Multiplying
Identifying, training, and equipping leaders.

What Beth Moore Can Teach Us about Women's Ministry
Women are hungry for the Word of God.

Leadership, the AA Way
Getting real and leading authentically.

What Women's Ministry Can Be
I finally learned about identity, mission, and worth.

Ideas for Women's Ministry
These practical ideas can help you rethink your women's ministry.

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Shahnila Mukhtar

September 26, 2014  10:55am

Website; www.gospelflameministries.Weebly.com Address: Chak No 213 R-B ST, No, 1 Dawood Colony Faisalabad Pakistan. E mail: gfmwmpk@gmail.com Phone: 03086651634 Name of Ministries: Gospel Flame Ministry Introduction: My name is shahnila Women project manager of Gospel Flame Ministries. Pastor Mumtaz is chairman of this ministry. We are working in Pakistan city Faisalabad. We are working in rural areas where the mostly people are uneducated. They are working on brickyard on their daily bases. They don’t no about Gospel. We are spreading here Gospel mission and saving the lives of many people through Jesus Christ Amen. My special work: I am specially working for women's and children’s. Who wondering here and there all the day in the streets and uneducated women’s who are working as a housekeeper. I am also working for widows and orphanages. Dear sisters in Christ please help with me for remove the tears of the widows and women and save the lives and future of the children. Let’s come with me for spreading the word of God and save the souls of these people Amen. Request for women ministry You can help with me in the Sunday bible school for children s and also bible school for women and young uneducated ladies and swing center for Christian women, Orphanage building. Women are deprived from every facility. Women’s are victimized of violence and atrocity by the owners. Women’s are working as a slave in Pakistan. They have no hope for good life. Online meetings: If you want to do with us online meetings we welcome you. Thank you, Sincerely in Christ Shahnila Contact detail, Gospel Flame Ministries Chak No, 214 R.B, ST#1, P#3 Dawood colony Faisalabad/Pakistan Tel: 03086651634

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