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Minister with grace and love to LGBT people.
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Ask people on the street what they think Christianity stands for, and many of them will list ""anti-gay"" near the top of the list. As cultural conversation on sexuality continues to get louder, it is absolutely essential that your church know how to talk about homosexuality well and how to better love and minister to LGBT people.

This 22-page resource offers biblical reflection, wisdom from experienced pastors, and practical tips on how to balance conviction and love as you minister to LGBT people.

This Resource contains all of the following:

A Quick Guide For Action
Key points for caregiving ministry.

Talking About Homosexuality
Christians need to take steps to extend our message of healing and grace.

A Different Kind of Life
Jesus holds out for all of us the ultimate gain—a life that encompasses the final renewal of creation itself.

The Gospel in an LGBT World
Communicate what the gospel means for those whose identity is in their sexuality, and for you.

Creating a Safe Environment
The church can draw LGBT brothers and sisters into a community that nurtures, strengthens and gives hope.

When a Child Comes Out
How to respond to a son or daughter who is grappling with homosexuality.

When a Spouse Says, "I'm Gay"
Determine the extent of the behavior and be ready with an action plan.

Loving Without an Agenda
What it looks like to love LGBT neighbors and friends with equal measures grace and truth.

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References:James 5:19-20, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 1 Timothy 1:15-16
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Eric Tangumonkem

July 16, 2015  5:42pm

What is so special about the sin of sodomy? Why do we have to place it in a different category? have we done the same thing with fornication, adultery, drunkenness, lies telling, anger etc? The one solution to sin has not changed and will never change. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and need repentance. All born again children of God are called to love God and love their neighbors, why all the emphasis on loving those who are practicing the sin of sodomy? We already love all and love all those living in sin enough to warn them of the consequences. Lord help us to be true light and salt. Help us to desire to please you and not man. deliver us from political correctness.

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jim nall

July 16, 2015  11:51am

We train hetero couples on how to have a successful marriage. Why shouldn't we train gas and straights on how to accept each other as God's creations?

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Tom Connors

July 16, 2015  9:22am

$14.95 for 22 pages?

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Eronides DaSilva

February 10, 2015  4:07pm

Michael Wilson you have said very well! Shame on these people who can not make difference between business and sin!

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Big Dutchman

February 06, 2015  6:00pm

There will be no dialogue between LGBTQ Citizens until it is clearly understood that they are who God created them, are not sick, sinful, or in need of changing. We cannot "love the sinner but hate the sin" if we falsely accuse them or are ignorant of the fact of homosexuality. The last thing we want is to coerce them to lie, pretend, go into denial......or marry our sons and daughters in a dishonest and destructively sham marriage.

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