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Minister with grace and love to LGBT people.
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Ask people on the street what they think Christianity stands for, and many of them will list ""anti-gay"" near the top of the list. As cultural conversation on sexuality continues to get louder, it is absolutely essential that your church know how to talk about homosexuality well and how to better love and minister to LGBT people.

This 22-page resource offers biblical reflection, wisdom from experienced pastors, and practical tips on how to balance conviction and love as you minister to LGBT people.

This Resource contains all of the following:

A Quick Guide For Action
Key points for caregiving ministry.

Talking About Homosexuality
Christians need to take steps to extend our message of healing and grace.

A Different Kind of Life
Jesus holds out for all of us the ultimate gain—a life that encompasses the final renewal of creation itself.

Entering Their World
Successful ministry to LGBT people depends on seeing life through their eyes.

Creating a Safe Environment
The church can draw LGBT brothers and sisters into a community that nurtures, strengthens and gives hope.

When a Child Comes Out
How to respond to a son or daughter who is grappling with homosexuality.

When a Spouse Says, "I'm Gay"
Determine the extent of the behavior and be ready with an action plan.

Combining Conviction and Compassion
Homosexuality is not God's design, but a reflection of the broken sinfulness of humanity.

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Learning from the Pros
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Filters:Counseling, Discipleship, Pastor, Pastoral care, Shepherd
References:James 5:19-20, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 1 Timothy 1:15-16
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Cindy Agee

August 29, 2014  7:17pm

Homosexuality is a result of sin entering the world through the original sin. And as God loves all people He has created, He loves them as well. His Son died for them as well. We are to love the sinner but hate the sin. Weren't we all sinners before we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior? We are to reach out to ALL people regardless of their sin because all who are lost need Jesus. When we accept Him as our Lord and Savior we become "a new man" and many homosexuals absolutely have rejected the gay lifestyle and become heterosexual after receiving Christ. He is able to do abundantly beyond what we can think or imagine. We should never hesitate to share the gospel because of someone's sin. Then we leave no room for God's grace. He covers my sins and declared me righteous even as I struggle with my secret demons and sin. We need to have the faith that He is powerful enough to do the same for them. Whether or not they get into Heaven is not ours to judge after they become a Christian.

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Jerry Reiter

August 26, 2014  11:12am

"Gays can change if they come to Christ" proclaimed evangelical ex-gay ministries for 40 years. But then the leaders of the oldest and largest such ministries admitted nobody changed from homosexual to heterosexual no matter how much they sought the Lord. Prayer, bible study, being born again, fasting, Christian counseling, therapy, even demon deliverance did not change anyone's sexual orientation. In the past 2 years every major ex-gay ministry in the free world that had decades of experience "curing" gays has shut down forever. And every medical assn. has explained sexual orientation is not a choice, but a trait.

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masuda yoshitaka

August 14, 2014  6:20am

I don't no. this is strange! but one's way of good thinking.

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roger toft

June 02, 2014  5:13am

I support legal equality for heterosexual and same-sex relationships, but I think the gay community has provided a stick to their opponents which which to beat them by choosing the term ''marriage'', which treads on so many religious toes. Would it not have been wiser to avoid homophobic susceptibilites by selecting terms like ''civil unions'', ''legal partnerships'' or something similar ?

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Original Anna

April 24, 2014  7:42pm

I would suggest psychiatric help but temper losing people use their temper to control others to get others to do as they want. As for Zacheus he was hanging out of a tree waiting for Jesus and the woman washing his feet was already a follower. Homosexuals I know only want to get the church and Christians to say yes to their sexual habit worship, to get the respect of the church and to make sure they don't have to give up anything like worshiping their sin to worship and follow Jesus. Jesus said to leave those who won't accept my word and move on to those who will. Some people are to be left to their sin and won't be saved when he returns and judges us. Your attitude as a Christian is not my attitude as a Christian. I would rather spend my time which is limited in our human existence to those really needing help, the dying, the poor, children, survivors, those in sex trades, etc. and not to two men having sex with each other because they don't like women which is the real truth.

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