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Unity in Diversity
Find the beauty in people's differences.
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The church will always face diversity. God's people differ in culture, language, economic situations, needs, desires, and even styles of worship. This theme shows how to blend all these differences into one joyful family of God. In his interview, '"Building a Church of Diversity,” Charles Lyons tells how his church grew from a handful of Appalachian whites to a cosmopolitan congregation of 40-plus nationalities. Other articles in this theme welcome people of different family structures, economic conditions, ages, races, educations, and religious backgrounds.

This Resource contains all of the following:

A Church for All People
Authentic worship translates to all cultures.

Building a Church of Diversity
Cross-cultural ministry is not an option.

Tuning in to New People
We need to hear our people to be able to minister to them.

Welcoming Singles in the Family
Do we recognize those outside a traditional family unit?

Worshiping with the Homeless
When ministry threatens safety.

God's Gift of Cultural Diversity
God accepts people from every nation.

The Give and Take of Togetherness
For the church to safely move forward, it needs both "progressives" and "conservatives".

Educational Differences on the Board
How to close the gap.

Building Multicultural Understanding
3 steps to racial reconciliation.

Bridging the Generation Gap
The power of blended small groups.

From Damaged Souls to Treasured Family
God has the power to transform hurting people into a vital church family.

Balancing on a Cultural Tightrope
Understanding one another's differences.

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Topics:Communication, Cross-cultural outreach, Culture, Diversity, Generational differences, Service, Unchurched, Unity
Filters:Church staff, Elder, Evangelism, Outreach, Pastor, Service, Worship, Worship leader
References:Isaiah 65:24, Acts 2, Acts 1:8
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Philip Park

February 22, 2011  10:02am

I would like to learn from all your resource about the cross cultural ministry. Thanks

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