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Handling Conflict
Conflicts big and small demand a thoughtful, heartfelt approach.
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Conflict can poison the life of a church. But it can also have a positive effect. Prepare your leaders for handling conflict—and thus protect your church—by discussing '"Conflict Above Ground,” an interview with Bill Hybels, pastor of Willow Creek Community Church near Chicago. This interview will train your leaders to see conflict in a new light and help them deal with it in a more biblical way.

You'll also find a second interview and several how-to articles, assessments, case studies, and devotionals from a variety of respected leaders.

This Resource contains all of the following:

How to Read Our Critics
Evaluating what they really mean.

Removing the Roadblocks to Unity
4 barriers to teamwork.

Classifying Our Critics
Help to anticipate what someone might say.

First Response
4 common reactions to church conflict.

"God Told Me"
How to respond when someone claims divine guidance.

Are Two Heads Better Than One?
Help for handling a conflict between key leaders.

Conflict above Ground
Building community out of controversy.

Change Diplomacy
Steps to take before a major decision.

6 Rules for a Fair Fight
How to keep conflict healthy.

How to Handle Criticism (free sample)
7 biblical and practical steps.

Keeping Conflict Healthy
Sometimes we need to be ready to embrace conflict—in the right way.

The Good Fight
4 spiritual disciplines to keep fights from scarring your soul.

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Mastering Conflict
Keep conflict healthy, learn from it, brace yourself for it, and grow spiritually not only in spite of it—but because of it.

Church Discipline
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What Keeps Leaders from Loving?
Identify the obstacles that keep you from fully loving others.

Topics:Conflict, Conflict resolution, Controversy, Difficult people, Division, Factions, Unity
Filters:Church board, Church staff, Discipleship, Elder, Family ministry, Pastor
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