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The Church in Conflict
We knew sooner or later it would happen, and now we are in it … but how do we handle this conflict?

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At BuildingChurchLeaders.com, we recognize that there is no "one size fits all" approach to church leadership training. Every church—and every team—is unique, with its own set of strengths and challenges that stand between where you are and where you want to be. That is why we have designed Training Tracks—to help each church get from where you are today to where you can be tomorrow.

Each track is divided into three levels meant to build on each other. Begin with level one to establish a solid base from which to address the issue at its root. This basic level includes assessments, theoretical and biblical foundations, practical skills training, case studies, and retreat plans for extended training times. When you have completed that training, move on through levels two and three, which also incorporate multiple types of training content to dig deeper into the specific challenges that accompany that issue.

Three purchase options for Training Tracks:

  • Best value: $79.95 for the complete Training Track – all three levels
  • $34.95 for an individual level
  • Or you can purchase downloads individually (click on title for individual pricing)
This Training Track contains all of the following:

Level 1—Response Pack
Sometimes your life communicates more than your words.

Response Pack Sale Price: $34.95 (Originally $54.75)

Avoiding All-Out Church War
Confront conflict in your church and restore it to peace.

Handling Conflict
Be prepared to handle conflict well when it arises.

Handling Conflict
Conflicts big and small demand a thoughtful, heartfelt approach.

Healthy Problem Solving
Prepare to work through the times when everyone doesn't agree.

Mastering Conflict
Keep conflict healthy, learn from it, brace yourself for it, and grow spiritually not only in spite of it—but because of it.

Level 2—Crisis Leadership Pack
An interview with Eugene Peterson on a pastor's essential role.

Crisis Leadership Pack Sale Price: $34.95 (Originally $59.75)

Dealing with Staff
Deal with staff conflict in a Christ-honoring way.

Leadership Transitions
Make transition a positive for your church.

Managing Change
Make the right changes at the right time—and for the right reasons.

Preaching in Moments of Crisis
Handle difficult moments with care.

Thriving Through Change
Use change as a tool to fuel growth.

Level 3—Difficult People Pack
Communicate with others what God is doing in our life.

Difficult People Pack Sale Price: $34.95 (Originally $59.75)

Dealing with Difficult People
Learn how to nurture even difficult relationships within your congregation to build up effective followers of Jesus.

Loving Hard-to-Love People
Tools for serving difficult people.

Ministering to Challenging People
Love the most difficult-to-love people in your ministry, and help them to connect in community.

Overcoming Criticism
What to do when destructive words make their way into your ministry.

Small Groups and Mentoring Dilemmas
Think through how you'll deal with relational problems in your small-groups ministry.

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Leadership Gone Wrong
Here's how to make it right.

Responding to a Crisis
Be ready when your church leaders need to act under pressure.

How Do You Take Criticism?
Insights from an old letter.

Creating Uncommon-Unity
Jesus' interaction with his disciples teaches us about true community.

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