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Avoiding All-Out Church War
Confront conflict in your church and restore it to peace.
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Difficult people. Misunderstandings and miscommunications. Staff turnover. Hot theological or community issues. Satan can use any of this to create major conflict in your church, if not handled appropriately and maturely.

These eight articles from Leadership journal help you know what to do when a fight is brewing and how to preempt congregational, board, or staff conflict. You'll learn common reactions people have in an argument, tips for running productive mediation sessions, and guidelines for restoring peace back to your church.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Stopping Conflict Before It Starts 
Clear explanations can dampen the misunderstandings that cause fights.

Inside Church Fights  
by Marshall Shelley and Kevin Miller

Six Rules for a Fair Fight 
Observing these rules can keep conflict from turning into full-scale warfare.

Six Steps to Settling Differences 
After two failed attempts, I asked a pro to lead the meeting. Here’s what he did.

Anatomy of a Church Fight 
How would you handle this real-life story of a lightning strike that ignited a firestorm?

Animal Instincts  
Five ways church members will react in a fight.

Surviving a Power Play 
When the smoke cleared, this pastor was still standing.

When Community Strife Divides the Church 
Keep the peace when both sides are represented in the congregation.

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Topics:Anger, Conflict, Confrontation, Difficult people, Fighting, Management, Relationships, Restoration
Filters:Conflict management, Counseling, Shepherd, Shepherding, Spiritual director
References:Matthew 5:43-45, James 1:19, 2 Samuel 15:1-13
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