Short-Term Missions
Supporting the Missionaries You Visit
Ideas from the field.
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"When we set out on a missions trip, we plan to reach out and minister to the unchurched. And this is a central aim of any missions trip--but we are also there to minister to the full-time missionaries who have dedicated their lives to serving those people where they live.

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This 27-page resource will help you learn how to best support the missionaries you visit so you can most fully share God's love with all involved.

NOTE: You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource to be distributed in a church or educational setting."

This Resource contains all of the following:

The Most Important Thing 
Loving missionaries and the people they serve.

Leader's Guide 

The Best Kind of Support 
It's all about relationships.

Characteristics of a Helpful Team 
Practical tips from the field.

New Ownership 
Today's Christians recover an old calling.

The Most Meaningful Short-Term Visits 
Here's what the missionaries have to say.

Opportunities to Serve 
How can I respond when asked, "What can I do?"

Additional Resources 
More places for more help.

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