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Connecting with Muslims (free sample)

Finding common ground and seeking out creative ways to connect are essential for reaching Muslims.
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BuildingChurchLeaders.com editor Drew Dyck spoke with T.V. Thomas, who is director of the Centre for Evangelism & World Mission.

You grew up in Malaysia, so you're no stranger to other religions. How should Christians respond to the growing number, specifically of Muslims, in the United States and Canada?

Number one, I think we need to deal with our ...

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Michelle A.Saladin Robles

September 16, 2009  7:24pm

It is very educating and it reaffirms previous facts in readings regarding Islam. However the only thing that I differ is about God and Allah being the same. As I know the only Arabic word for God is Allah. I have come to learned and understand through Dr. Isaías Narváez book "La Ruta del Islam" its translation will be (The Route of Islam)that the argument of diferenciating the Allah of the Koran from God comes based on the rejection of Jesus as son of God and Saviour, member of the Holy Trinity and that was not crucified. However making such analysis will bring us too that the God worshiped in Judaism is not the same as the God of Christians. This since Jews reject Jesus as the son of God, Saviour, Messiah and do not believe in the Holy Trinity. However above all that Christians will not dare say that the God of the Jews from the Old Testament is not the God of Jesus.

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Kemi Awe, Nigeria

September 09, 2009  11:36pm

I'm a budding Evangelist, and this is the first tool I'd be receiving. I worship in a Chapel located in a Muslim community and sometimes when we go out to evangelise, I become afraid to really talk to them (I'd rather let the tracts I give speak/minister to them). Getting this has removed my fear, in a way. I can go out knowing what to say and how to behave. I really appreciate this. God bless you.

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Tim B

September 09, 2009  2:18pm

Good article with the basics. However, when reaching out to an Islamic people group patience is in order. While women may open some doors, most male dominated people groups are reached through the men. As always, this takes longer to see the first fruit but reaches farther into the group as a whole. The liberating truths of biblical faith will be realized better through transformed men.

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Joseph Sarkesian

September 04, 2009  6:15am

Very helpful. In regard to not using the moniker of "Christian", I have enjoyed some success with Muslims by rejecting that label. And rather than use the religiously-encumbered phrase "disciple-of-Jesus", I've been able to keep the conversation going by employing "apprentice-of-Yahshua" or, perhaps even better, "apprentice-to-the-kingdom". It seems not to be so intrinsically offensive and yet it piques their curiosity.

Antoine Haddad

September 03, 2009  11:33am

It as some insights for those wo know nothing about Islam. By the way, Allah is used for the Biblical God in the Arabic Bible as well as in discussions among Arab Christians.

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