Short-Term Missions
Outreach to Other Faiths
Learn how to cross religious barriers.
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This Resource contains all of the following:

Engaging Faith
Engaging adherents of other faiths requires thinking like missionaries.

Learning from History
A historical road map to evangelizing people of other faiths.

Facing the Challenge of Pluralism
We must reaffirm our core convictions in a culture of diverse beliefs.

Reaching Hindus, Buddhists, and Traditional Chinese
It’s imperative to understand a religion’s underlying worldview in order to share the gospel effectively with its adherents.

Internationals Among Us
Name badges open doors to share your faith.

Connecting with Muslims (free sample)
Finding common ground and seeking out creative ways to connect are essential for reaching Muslims.

Rules for Interacting with Muslims
Finding common ground and seeking out creative ways to connect are essential for reaching Muslims.

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Reaching People
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References:Deuteronomy 4:35, 1 Kings 18:17, Genesis 18:25
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