Short-Term Missions
Mobilizing the Entire Church for Short-Term Missions
Get your whole church excited and involved in your missions program.
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This resource will help your church create a comprehensive strategy for being a missions-minded church. Get ideas here for involving kids, and those who can't travel, in short-term missions. Also critical to this tool is an attitude (and specific advice) on how to get people involved in short-term missions while maintaining—and even building—enthusiasm for career missions.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Vision: The Big Picture
Capture the hearts of God’s people for participation in short-term missions.

Planning Missions Ministry
Organize your team and develop your strategy for successful outreach.

Missions Ministry Emphasis
Our church has a desire for short-term mission—but exactly what should we do?

Ideas for Promoting Short-term Missions
Go and tell others about the value of mission work.

The Pastor’s Role
Consider these two practical ways pastors can help involve their congregations in missions.

Involving Children in Mission
Getting kids excited can support existing missionaries and recruit new ones.

Building Enthusiasm for Missions Ministry
One church’s comprehensive approach to short- and long-term missions

How to Excite the Congregation
Encourage your people to fulfill the dream for great short-term missions.

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Topics:Communication, Missional, Missions, Outreach, Short-term missions, Strategy, Vision
Filters:Evangelism, Missionary, Missions, Outreach, Pastor, Short-Term Missions Leader
References:John 4:35, Ephesians 2:21-22, 1 Corinthians 3:9
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Marie S Innocent

September 27, 2012  12:12am

I hope I can learn a lot from from this site. I will try to use it for my Church and help the Christian to built a deeper relationship with God. In this now a day where everything is available at the tip of a finger. Knowledge is the key to a good christian 's life. The Bible offer peace in this tumult world. We have to get ready for our depature from this earth. We can only do it with wisdom and the seach for truth that is in the Bible for people to absorbe and use for their daily work with God.

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