Short-Term Missions
How well will you and your church heed the call of Christ to go into all nations?
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Jesus gave clear instructions in his Great Commission, but what are the practical implications for your church? This theme takes a look at biblical examples of missions work and tells how to develop a missions policy for your church. An interview with Lyle Dorsett provides an inspiring illustration of one church's commitment to missions and shows leaders how to help people develop a heart for missions.

This Resource contains all of the following:

10 Reasons People Are Afraid to Reach Out
God's Word speaks to our needs and fears.

Falling in Love with Jesus
The essential first step in growing a church missions program.

The 4 Spheres of Outreach
We don't have to go far to find people who need Christ.

Giving with a World Vision
7 principles to help your personal giving make a difference.

Should We Fund This Missionary?
A request for funds looked simple-but touched complex issues.

Fishing All Night
What it means to be "fishers of men".

Developing Your Missions Policy
9 important areas to consider.

The Long-Term Benefits of Short-Term Missions
How to make the most of the opportunity.

Financing Missions
3 questions every church needs to ask.

Culture Wars
Bridging communication barriers with people who are different.

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Reaching People
Aid your leader in evaluation the effectiveness of your church at outreach and determine how well your church connects new people into the life of the church.

Power in Weakness
Hunger makes you weak, but purposely going hungry is a powerful experience.

Topics:Cross-cultural outreach, Evangelism, International outreach, Missions, Outreach, Seekers, Short-term missions, Unchurched, Visitors & guests
Filters:Church board, Church staff, Elder, Evangelism, Missions, Outreach, Pastor, Short-Term Missions Leader
References:Matthew 25:31-40, John 21, Luke 3:7-11
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