Short-Term Missions
Leading Teens on Short-Term Missions
Here's what you should know about taking youth abroad.
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Many youth groups plan at least one missions trip at some point during the year. These trips are often a time of significant spiritual growth for all involved as both teens and leaders learn what it means to serve and be served as they experience God at work in an unfamiliar context.

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This Resource contains all of the following:

Building Walls for the Glory of God
And a little ice cream, too.

Leader's Guide
How to use "Leading Teens on Short-Term Missions" in your regularly scheduled meetings.

Youth Has Special Powers'
Uniquely wired to stand—and sweat—for God.

Join the Team
Ready, set ...

Planning to Lead Teens on a Short-Term Mission Trip
What should you know before you go?

What Kind of Christianity are we Exporting?
Going with the right attitude.

Finding Friendship
I wasn't looking for a new friend when I went to Poland. But that's what I found.

STM Trip Risk
Acknowledgement and release form

Additional Resources
More places for more help.

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Also of Interest
Devotions for Short-term Missions
Sharpen your spiritual focus with these eight readings.

Volunteer Development
Make sure your volunteers get the training they need.

"But they're so Different…"
How to reach the world that's moving into your neighborhood.

Volunteers That Last
How to keep them motivated.

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Verizon Fios

February 07, 2012  9:16am

We need to spread the love of Jesus! We need to cross-over, if we won't who will? This is the greatest commandment of all... Let's go and multiply! All for the glory of God!

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