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What does it mean to use technology well?
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While technology creates many exciting opportunities to expand ministry, it also presents dangers that ministry leaders need to be aware of. In his book Digital Disciple, Adam Thomas breaks down the dangers of a digital society while offering helpful suggestions for how we can make the most of the opportunities new technologies present to us. Thomas ...

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Topics:Accountability, Boundaries, Communication, Culture, Generational differences, Media, Relevance, Time, Trends
Filters:Discipleship, Pastor, Pastoral care, Stewardship, Technology, Youth pastor
References:Matthew 28:19

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Jef B

October 22, 2011  11:07am

I found most of this article insightful, however one part really struck me; "If you're a pastor or a lay leader, I'd recommend having a Facebook profile for your personal life and creating a second one for your church identity." How is this transparent? This is hiding part of your life from your "church identity", and is not truly transparent. -Jeff

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Adam Thomas

October 19, 2011  3:15pm

John -- You are right! I chuckled when I saw that myself. Perhaps the website admins will see these comments and change "Clay" to "Play." On the other hand, I think a program of Godly Clay sounds awesome!

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John Hamilton

October 19, 2011  6:37am

Great thoughts! "I wonder"...if Godly Clay mentioned above is the same as Godly Play:) We love it and have seen how it is impacting our families at every level through our ministry with children.

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