Practical Ministry Skills
Spiritual Disciplines for Busy Church Leaders
Practical tools for leaders who are too busy not to intentionally focus on their spiritual life.
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This download is designed to help busy leaders slow down, and to make the most of their time when they do. Here you'll learn the practical and theoretical skills that can help you balance the demands of a vibrant ministry with the blessings of a vibrant spiritual life.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Finding a Steady Rhythm 
The not-so-secret key to effective ministry and leadership

An Introduction to Solitude 
Practical wisdom on giving God our undivided attention

Keeping Your Clock Ticking 
A primer on the benefits and practices of solitude

Benefits of a Spiritual Retreat 
Learn the value of stillness and rest, and remove the roadblocks that keep you from experiencing them.

Background Noise 
Understanding God's rhythm of silence, speaking, and silence again

Coming Forth with Lazarus 
Understanding the Sabbath in light of God's sovereignty

Hurried Sick 
Why we need to ruthlessly eliminate hurry from our lives

What the Sabbath Means for Pastors and Church Staff 
What is a Sabbath rest for pastors who handle holy things all week long?

Silence and Solitude for Beginners 
Here's how to break through common barriers to these necessary disciplines.

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Topics:Busyness, Meditation, Quiet time, Reflection, Solitude, Spiritual Disciplines, Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Growth
Filters:Discipleship, Pastor, Spiritual director, Volunteer
References:Isaiah 30:15, Matthew 6:6, Mark 6:30-31
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Timothy Ayerson

January 12, 2011  7:55am

This looks very practical to me for all who wants to grow and grow others spiritually.

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