Practical Ministry Skills
Rest and Renewal for Busy Church Leaders
Consider ways to work in more opportunities for rest and renewal amid all the pressures and busyness of daily ministry.
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When was the last time you felt really, truly refreshed? Between late night committee meetings, weekends of services, and round-the-clock availability for counseling and crises, the demands of ministry all too often leave leaders feeling physically exhausted and spiritually limp. While we all know the importance of rest and renewal, it can be difficult to allow ourselves to take time out of our day to rest and renew our bodies and souls.

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This Resource contains all of the following:

Finding a Steady Rhythm
The not-so-secret key to effective ministry and leadership.

Time Well Wasted
Why you need downtime, and how to spend it.

A Day Off from God Stuff
What is a Sabbath rest for pastors, when you handle holy things all week long?

How Much Is "Enough"?
Set the example for those in your congregation.

Staying Alive
A 'Leadership Journal' forum on sustaining spiritual vitality.

A Time for Rest
Take a season to regroup.

The Importance of Hope
Rediscover a powerful source of energy and rest.

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Dan Bergey

January 20, 2012  3:26pm

Wow this is why I get tired of these emails every where I turn I could be perfect if I spend enough money.

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January 19, 2012  11:44am

I'm bummed that I have to spend 15 bucks to find out how I can get some rest and renewal. Spending money to me isn't restful or renewing. Oh wel....

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