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The Ones Who Walk Away

Young people are fleeing the faith and many may not return.
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The statistics are grim. According to Rainer Research, 70 percent of youth leave church by the time they are 22 years old. Barna Group estimates that 80 percent of those reared in the church will be "disengaged" by the time they are 29 years old. Unlike older church dropouts, these young "leavers" are unlikely to seek out alternative forms of Christian ...

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Brett R

April 10, 2011  8:34am

The church should be a place to worship, learn, and fellowship. It has become about manipulation and control so people are leaving.

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February 28, 2011  3:56pm

i agree with the article. we are losing our present day generation youth because the church is not giving them a say in how to choose techniques of various programs. "Everyone likes to feel accepted and liked" if we hear a typical "NAY-NAY" WE begin to feel unimportant or unaccepted and then we go to look for a place of acceptance. I feel the youth should be given a say in matters in a "controlled atmoshere. SET UP A CHOICE SYSTEM. that way the older adults get to set up values and guidance yet allowing the youth to feel they have be involved in the decision making. When things do not work out as desired . Then why not have a "generation Jam session" LISTING THE DESIRED GOALS AND LISTING THE EFFECTS THEN HAVE YOUTH INPUT AS HOW TO REACH THE DESIRE GOALS AND EFFECTS. WITH OPEN COMMUNICATION THEN BOTH GROUPS WILL FEEL ACCEPTED AND APPRECIATED AND DECREASE COMPETITION AND OR FRUSTRATION . IT IS A WIN WIN SOLUTION.\ I USE IT IN MY CHILDREN'S WORSHIP AND IT IS WORKING!

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PK Experience

February 01, 2011  9:27pm

As a PK, I must say that church no longer has the calling it did to many of the younger generation because church existed under the rules of instilling fear rather than make it a different experience. Many books have been written regarding the changes christianity faces in order to appeal to the masses. The issue stands that those changes are not economically feasible to the business of church. Instead you have the now generation facing jokers who simply are faith sellers and squeeze their attendants with promises of abundance as long as the plant the seed "money" of faith. Sorry that doesn't fly for me as well as other whether in their 50's or younger. Its a technique that simply doesn't appeal to the "smarter" generation today or the one that follows us. I dont think anyone is questioning the existance of a higher being, instead they are simply saying that they are not willing to support the church in its current form. I would not and will not. As a PK i've seen the ugly side

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Jon Barnes

November 12, 2010  7:50am

Great thoughts- The research is statistically correct but it's our expectations and definitions that need to change, not the behaviors of a generation. First, let's stop assuming that a huge church presence of young people in decades past equalled any more or less actual faith than the absence of those folks today. Second, we cannot equate "leaving the church" with "leaving the faith." It may correlate, it may not, but being appalled by a drop in church attendance does not have a direct connection to faith- it's statistically separate. Third, the older generation really needs to ask itself if it trusts the younger generation to create the organizations of the future their way or if they are going to micro-manage and nay-say the more unincorporated forms of fellowship that are coming about. Lastly, church experience seems optional because if you really believe that church is "the people" then you really can have the milk without buying the cow. I'm 31 years old and a former pastor.

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Michael Cooper

October 21, 2010  12:32pm

We have already lost the previous two generations, let's not lose this one as well.

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