Practical Ministry Skills
Keeping Your Leaders Fresh
Energy is not an unlimited resource, and times of rest and renewal are essential to the cultivation of creativity and long-term ministry success.
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Energy and creativity are essential to a successful church leader, but these are not unlimited resources. Without built-in times of rest and renewal, leaders eventually lose that freshness that allows them to bring their best to their ministry work. This is often because they do not feel they can take time off, or don't know how to build opportunities for renewal into their routine.

This 22-page resource includes articles from seasoned ministry veterans that will help you pursue rest and renewal in your own life, and help you lead others to do the same.

NOTE: You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource to be distributed in a church or educational setting.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Signs of Exhaustion
The biblical response to exhaustion is rest.

The Heart of the Sabbath
The meaning of Sabbath for ministry leaders.

The Powerful Imagination
The right kind of creativity brings clarity to ministry confusion.

Raising Hope
Hope fuels innovation, creativity, and vitality in the church.

Where to Find Refreshment
The effort is there, but not the results. How do you proceed?

Wasting Time Well
Why downtime is so important and how to make the most of it.

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Topics:Balance, Burnout, Church Staff, Priorities, Renewal, Solitude, Time, Volunteers
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References:Mark 6:31, Exodus 20:8, Exodus 35:31-32, Job 11:18-19
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