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Practical Ministry Skills
The Importance of Passion

Let your enthusiasm and joy become contagious.
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Passion is contagious. Passion will have more of an impact than personality. There is something compelling about leaders who love what they do and do what they love. A leader like this has the power to ignite enthusiasm and dedication in scores of others with whom he has contact. Life is too short to be boring or mediocre. I am one who has always respected, ...

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Topics:Burnout, Enthusiasm, Human limitations, Leadership, Time
Filters:Management, Pastor, Shepherd, Worship leader
References:2 Timothy 1:7

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July 30, 2010  11:06am

One of the main criteria for choosing volunteers is passion. This is not just emotion, but a deep love. Without passion (not outward emotion), one usually cannot do a good job on a long term basis.


July 30, 2010  1:51am

My observation is that most poeple who are min stering they lack passion while others show to be passionate when in reality there are after personal interest. Few are chosen but many are after personal gain and thats why after few years they surrender. yours is a wonderful message, it s from a bove God bless you.

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