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There was a time when you couldn't walk through the door of an evangelical church without being approached by four or five well-meaning believers who wanted to make you feel at home. Not only did Christians welcome strangers to worship, but churches had well-oiled visitation programs assuring that newcomers would receive friendly follow-up visits in ...

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Topics:Assimilation, Hospitality, Newcomers, Visitors & guests
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References:Romans 12:10, 1 Timothy 3:2, Hebrews 13:2

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Lee Yi

January 06, 2014  7:08pm

How do you download this free sample?

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Helen Sharratt

January 24, 2012  6:25pm

I fully concur with your article Stephen, having recently moved to a new country and visited many churches looking for a genuine welcome as that was a criteria in our choice. As long established Christians we persisted and eventually elbowed our way in to life in a church but I am very concerned that non-Christian visitors just coming to look or coming in final desperation in a life and death crisis may not have the emotional strength to plough through the indifference.

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mary bingham

April 06, 2011  7:47pm

i comprehend everything you said ; but : very respectfully i must advise you that not everyone has a needy personality such as yours ~ in fact : some such as myself / would actually prefer to "feel" their way around a little and ASK for help in getting plugged in rather than being jumped on top of, and GOD forbid, hugged. some folks are just more reserved ; you need to find a happy medium.

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Revivied in GA

November 01, 2009  11:05pm

I just joined a new church in GA. As I visited several churches to find my new home I found that either they were not welcoming at all or their "joy" at meeting a newcomer was a poor front at best. Then I found my new church. Welcoming, not pushy, within 3 visits it seemed most knew my name and the Pastor was greeting me by name. On top of all this, the group felt this was a weak area for them and have just finished the Walk Across the Room Program by Bill Hybels and Willow Creek Church. Amazing that they could get better at hospitality. If your church need to work on this area. check out Bill Hybels program. I have a welcoming church home, with good cookies too!


October 29, 2009  8:43pm

This information is simplicity at it's best. My church is very hospitable,but I feel we need to follow up a bit more. Thanks for the reminders and the scripture to back it up.

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