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Culturally Savvy Christians

What does the Bible say about media consumption?
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Culturally savvy Christians follow the path of neither the cultural glutton (who consume too much) nor the cultural anorexic (who abstain completely). Instead, they are marked by their discretion and thoughtful discernment.

To discern means to see something that is not very clear or obvious. The apostle Paul taught that only renewed minds are able to ...

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Les Nordman

March 03, 2011  5:52pm

Very good: thank you very much for this article! :-)

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March 03, 2011  11:01am

Also an excellent resource with boomers and older who struggle to appreciate the positive, life-affirming contributions of culture and technology. This is a very well balanced article and I love the very appropriate introduction of spiritual discernment into this conversation...Thanks!

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Sharron Lucas

March 03, 2011  10:46am

Thoughtful and carefully crafted writing that is biblically-grounded. Would be excellent to use with a youth group or teen class. Nice job!

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