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Discipling Teens
Grow young leaders into spiritual maturity through discipling relationships.
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The statistics are grim: Rainer Research estimates that 70 percent of young people leave the church by age 22, and according to the Barna Group that figure increases to 80 percent by age 30. Kara Powell, the executive director of the Fuller Youth Institute, says that one thing churches can do to make a difference is to get kids actively involved in the life of the church before they graduate—and the best way to do this is by getting adults involved in their lives. Teen discipleship is essential to the life of the church and it is not limited to those designated as youth leaders. In fact, youth ministry expert Chap Clark suggests there should be at least five adults investing in the life of each youth group member in some way.

This 16-page resource is designed to help you go deeper as you build relationships with teenagers and help them grow in spiritual maturity.

NOTE: You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource to be distributed in a church or educational setting.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Biblical Principles of Teen Discipleship
What does it mean to grow fully devoted followers of Christ?

Developing a Relational Style of Youth Ministry (free sample)
Build deeper relationships by spending time together.

Ten Commandments for Relationship Building
Avoid these common traps.

How to Connect with Students
Advice for being in, but not of, youth culture.

Checklist for Relationship Building
Focus on relationship, growth, and development with your teens.

Challenging the Hearts of Students Leaders
Nurture potential to grow student leaders.

The Importance of Intergenerational Discipleship

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References:Acts 2:42, Matthew 22:37-39, Luke 2:52, John 17:16-19
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ephrem hagos

July 27, 2011  12:00pm

Only those who are truly "born spiritually of the Spirit," in Christ's death on the cross, a.k.a., the KEY to "knowledge about the secrets of the Kingdom of heaven" have guarantee to grow in his grace, knowledge and sustainable faith (John 3: 1-15; Matt. 13: 11-12)

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Carleen Love

March 01, 2011  4:51pm

Your article above said "This 16-page resource is designed to help you go deeper as you build relationships with teenagers and help them grow in spiritual maturity." Where do I find these 16 pages? I can't seem to get full access to these articles. Are we to purchase them, or are they free articles?

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Sam Chidamber

February 24, 2011  7:02pm

Great materials especially working with teens

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Angela Willard Perez

February 24, 2011  9:45am

I can't dowload it cause the pop-up is in my way.

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