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Practical Ministry Skills
Creating a Culture of Generosity

Give and you will receive.

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July 03, 2011  9:02pm

Thank you for sharing the article. You are doing great, because you are doing exactly what God is leading you, and directing you to do. I believe in generosity. I practice it by the grace of God. Sometimes people will leave a service, not remembering the truth of the message from the Lord, but they will remember the way you treated them, and they will return, and even invite others to come to the service. Members of the church put together, cook something nice, and invite friends in the community to share in a meal, and fellowship. I believe as much as possible, the church must find ways, to encourage and bring others in so they can receive Christ as their Saviour. The Word of God speaks of giving sacrificially also. When we sow sparingly we reap sparingly, so bountifully, reap bountifully. To God be praise.

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Dane Gressett

June 08, 2011  9:50am

Giving for the purpose of motivating others to give is perilous territory! God gave His best...and yes we learn by that greatest act of generosity to also give. But where I have to watch out, as a pastor, is to make sure my "developing a culture of generosity" is really about our love to reflect the nature of God or really more about our desire to grow our budget and church. The two do not have to be independent of one another. But we must be prayerful and careful! For our Lord has said, "You cannot serve God and mammon." The error of the prosperity gospel was that it taught generosity as a means to get wealth, rather than a means by which we reflect the glory of God (whether we get wealthy or not.)

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Terry Smith

June 01, 2011  8:59pm

Where does 2 Cor. 9:6 get its root? From that root what is the context? From that contexts why is the collection being taken? What is the principle that we are to apply from that context? There is only one! Because we are to apply the principles we find in scripture correctly then we have missed it horribly and have abused the text to further what we want not what God wants. Did you know there is no mention of a church collection until ten years after the church was born? If you know this then you will know from where 2 Cor.9:6 gets its root. And every text we have after that all ties back into that one purpose. What was the purpose?

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First NameJewell Matthews

February 12, 2011  8:36pm

Excellent, will adopt some of the ideals for my church. Thanks

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