Practical Ministry Skills
Cultivating Active Church Members
If your church wants to reach out to new people, you must make newcomers feel welcome and efficiently assimilate them into the life of the church.
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If your church is looking to reach out to new people, you must make newcomers feel welcome and efficiently assimilate them into the life of the church. These brief, practical handouts are designed to give your congregation the tools to help new members discover their spiritual gifts and employ them for God's kingdom. Pass out each handout to volunteers or use them in your next leadership meeting.

This Resource contains all of the following:

How to Recruit Members for Service
The church needs to call members to use their gifts in the various ministries of the church.

Preparing Members for Ministry
Identify and train new leaders in your congregation.

How to Attract New People
A growing church creates multiple entry points to invite new people.

Treat New Members Like Royalty
The church should celebrate every time someone is welcomed into membership.

Hold Lay Workers Accountable
The same kind of support system is needed for unpaid workers in the church as for those who are employed.

Every Church Needs a Profiler
This leadership position, missing in most churches, is key to increased volunteer ministry.

How to Minister to the Wounded
Listening to the pain of those who have left the church may help them find healing and reconciliation.

Track Your People Through a Membership Directory
This powerful administrative tool will help you care for and enlist God’s people for service.

How to Use a Pictorial Directory
You can get more out of your church’s picture directory by following these guidelines.

Create High Standards for Church Membership (free sample)
People take church membership more seriously when demands are placed on them.

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