Practical Ministry Skills
Building an Evangelistic Church
How to guide your church and your leaders into more effective evangelism.
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This download is crafted to help your church embrace evangelism more effectively. Use these articles individually or discuss them with a team. They'll help you think through your current strategies and spark ideas for what you can do differently.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Bullish on Evangelism
Cultivate your church environment to be one where evangelism flourishes.

It’s a Group Effort
Six ways to transform your church into one an evangelism-focused congregation.

Evangelism That Flows
Shift the attitudes toward evangelism in your congregation.

Evangelism for the Ordinary Church
How can a pastor excite a church for evangelism? Read five ways to take the first steps.

Evangelism Takes Time
We need to listen, explain, and walk alongside people who are interested in Christ.

Post-Modern Spirituality
Lessons learned in evangelism and Christianity while serving a cynical generation.

What Are They Really Asking?
Learn to understand what people are really wondering about Christianity.

Premature Harvest
We need to learn to wait on God’s time, not our own.

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Topics:Authenticity, Community impact, Evangelism, Leadership, Outreach, Spiritual Friendship, Trust
Filters:Church board, Evangelism, Outreach, Pastor, Shepherd, Volunteer
References:2 Timothy 4:5, Matthew 18:18, Philippians 2:5
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April 04, 2013  11:03am

God is still looking for these with the heart of wening souls for His kingdom. Iwant to be part of them through this your blessing programm. Remain bless in Jesus name.

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Ev:Bernard Rumuri

February 18, 2013  12:51am

Knowing well each other,then work together for His Kingdom.

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Ev:Bernard Rumuri

February 18, 2013  12:43am

Hi dear beloveds,I am Muslim background who has accepted Jesus Christ as my ONLY Saviour and Lord of ALL.I am living in RSA with my only 2yrs Evangelism Ministry calls GCA( the Great Commission Action. All I need is to ask you is to support me in some of very importent things in my outreach to the lost souls in African Countries,but let first know well each other then God will do the rest according to His own Power and will.stay blessed beloveds.

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Ephrem Hagos

July 19, 2012  8:03am

Evangelism without the disciple's know-how for knowing and making known Jesus Christ is like building house on sand.

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Blanche Henry

July 18, 2012  3:45pm


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