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Organizing Your Benevolence Ministry (Free Sample)

Adapt this sample protocol for a church's benevolence program.
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Benevolence Fund

The benevolence fund is established according to the church bylaws and constitution with the purpose of meeting people's basic needs. It has no budget for either income or expense. Its receipts consist entirely of designated giving, and its expenses consist of funds disbursed at the direction of the Benevolence Committee.

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pastor psbabu

July 15, 2014  11:23am

i need ur help to build the church plz help me to build , amen thank u .

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Wendell Nelson

February 18, 2014  9:22pm

We are learning the importance of flexing with guidelines like those above - as we have more and more lay leaders who are bringing neighbors who they have been praying for and investing in relationally when they face crisis to our Caring Partners Ministry (benevolence). Often these people are living together, yet unmarried but because of the love and care of our church family are on a trajectory toward God. So - when our staff or lay people bring friends to our Caring Partners ministry - we take faith risks in helping them - trusting God to use our love as a church to draw them to our God - even if they are not perfect or in the family of God.

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Mary Lawrence

February 10, 2014  12:31pm

Rodney, It would be wonderful if Churches could operate without looking like or keeping rules like a business. Here in the U.S. we all answer to the I.R.S. Like business and people the church is audited by the IRS and you better have accurate records.

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Rodney Keith Richardson

December 24, 2013  9:00am

Completely blown away by this sample. Poor in spirit is the church who wishes to be "benevolent" in this fashion. True love and care of the poor and all of those in need is an act of the heart, thus the term "the hands and feet of Christ." The application and review process laid out here is more of a reflection of the "hands and feet of a local banker." While it is always prudent to be good stewards of God's provision, that should never be trumped by heartless and faithless business principles. The church is a living organism - not an organization or worse - a business. Please reconsider bringing the Holy Spirit back into your programs. He can make sure your gifts get into the right hands far better than applications, investigations, and reviews. Thank you. You may send your comments directly to me at rkrichardson@yahoo.com .

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Gift Thuthane

December 04, 2013  7:31am

wow this is a good information for all churches out the please keep on sending us more of this information thank you God bles you all in the name of Jesus.amen

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