Practical Ministry Skills
Answering Tough Questions
Address the tough questions in life with grace and truth.
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This tool is designed to help equip anyone who needs to speak into a difficult situation—for those times when life seems unfair, or when God's good plan is difficult to discern. You may use it either for a training session or to give individually to key people involved in reaching out to others during hard times. Simply print the handouts needed and use them as necessary.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Listen Before You Answer (free sample)
Good counsel comes from those who combine empathy and insight.

A New Kind of Answer (free sample)
Actions answer tough questions when the body of Christ does God’s work.

Why Is Life So Unfair?
Innocent and good people suffer. What kind of God would allow that?

Why Does God Allow Abuse?
How one leader navigated this difficult terrain.

Is God to Blame for Natural Disasters?
Tsunamis, earthquakes, flooding, and other tragedies raise tough questions.

Why Doesn't God Always Cure Those Who Pray?
Because he is in control, a cure for illness isn’t beyond his power.

Where is God in Suffering?
The better question is: where are you?

Will That Person Be in Heaven?
God isn’t only going to forgive those we like. He might forgive some we hate.

Suffering Can Be Good (free sample)
When we let the cross shape our theology.

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Filters:Discipleship, Pastoral care, Preaching, Shepherd, Spiritual director
References:Psalm 27:10, Philippians 2:5-8, Isaiah 55:8-9, Job 2:11-13, James 1:19, Joel 2:25-27, Jeremiah 10:12-13, 2 Samuel 12:15-20, Job 2:9-13, Luke 15:28-31
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