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Develop a better understanding of the duties and roles of a church usher/greeter with this training tool. Consider the biblical background of the role, what is at work when the offering occurs, the importance of welcoming guests, and strategies for keeping your church safe.

This Resource contains all of the following:

A High, Humble Calling
Helping others worship is an ancient form of God-honoring service.

Greeting as Ministry (free sample)
How the usher/greeter's role fits into the ministry of the church.

When Everyone is a Greeter
Train your entire church in the art and importance of greeting.

My First Sunday in Your Church
Ushers and greeters can learn a lot when they see themselves from the outside.

The Art of Hosting
The importance of hosting guests, rather than greeting visitors.

Sample Job Description
Modify this form to create clarity in roles and responsibilities at your church

10 Questions Every Usher Should Ask
Are you attending to all of the aspects of your role?

Understanding the Offering
What's really happening at the usher’s most visible moment.

Urgent Ushering
What to do when serious situations occur during a service.

Preventing Violence at Church
A police officer's advice on how to prevent, and react to, the unthinkable

Prayer List

Free Trial

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Topics:Church Attendance, Church Safety, Hospitality, Newcomers, Security, Visitors & guests
Filters:Greeter, Hospitality, Outreach, Usher, Volunteer
References:Romans 12:13, Romans 16:16, Romans 12:4-8, 1 Chronicles 9:17-32
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March 10, 2015  2:48pm

SMH! Don't advertise for $14.95 then charge $19.95.

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Timothy A Jones

February 05, 2015  5:07pm

I would like to thank you for this great opportunity giving me this time. I am also an Usher, ushering in the first Church in Africa, West Africa Liberia knew as Providence Baptist Church. I will like if you could have a workshop so we could come for it.

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sylvester manso

July 21, 2014  8:04am

in this life thework ofgod isgood

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mattie johnson

June 04, 2014  5:00pm

I want 2 know all about the duties of an Usher?

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Beth Larcena

June 02, 2014  9:26am

I'm a secretary in a very young church and our ushering ministry a training. If you could help us train our ushering ministry thru your training manual it would very much appreciated. Thank you very much and God Bless your ministry!

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