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Encourage and equip your church's small group leaders.
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This guide is designed to help you equip your church to provide orientation and basic training to new small group leaders, and to help seasoned small group leaders refresh themselves on their responsibilities. You may use it either for a group training session or to give individually to small group leaders.

This Resource contains all of the following:

The Big Picture of Small Groups
Leader, get ready to take part in a savory slice of real life.

Casting Vision from Day One
As the leader, endorse a balanced approach for life change and group health.

Advice From an Experienced Leader
Build confidence as you care for your people and guide exploration of God’s truth.

Job Description and Standards of Performance

The First Meeting
Tips to make your first group meeting succeed.

Take Your Group Deeper
Five practices that take small groups beyond polite “sharing.”

Small Group Problem Solving
How to respond when people act up, act out, and ask tough questions.

The Marks of Leadership Success
Monitor the health of your group by using this assessment tool.

Prayer List
Use this list to help you focus your individual and group prayer time.

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References:1 Corinthians 3:10, Philippians 4:9, Matthew 18:20
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