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Focused Training Resources
Time Management Pack
For the church that needs to better manage its time.
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This Resource Bundle contains all of the following downloads:

Survival Guides
Bi-vocational Ministry
In "Bi-Vocational Ministry," you'll find articles to help you explore the advantages and challenges of employing pastors that also work outside the church.
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Women Leaders
Organization and Time-Management
Effective life-management tools to help you regain control.
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Survival Guides
Surviving Information Overload
How to think about and cope with all the information around us.
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Assessment Pack
Time Management
Are you busy? With this download, learn what it means to be a good steward of your time and how to do it.
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Practical Ministry Skills
To Delegate or Not to Delegate?
Considering each task as an opportunity for spiritual development—of you or your staff.
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Topics:Administration, Balance, Burnout, Busyness, Focus, Priorities, Time, Time Management, Vision
Filters:Business administrator, Management, Office administrator, Pastor
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