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Focused Training Resources
Response Pack
Sometimes your life communicates more than your words.
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This Resource Bundle contains all of the following downloads:

Survival Guides
Avoiding All-Out Church War
Confront conflict in your church and restore it to peace.
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Assessment Pack
Handling Conflict
Be prepared to handle conflict well when it arises.
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Training Themes
Handling Conflict
Conflicts big and small demand a thoughtful, heartfelt approach.
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Case Study
Healthy Problem Solving
Prepare to work through the times when everyone doesn't agree.
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Survival Guides
Mastering Conflict
Keep conflict healthy, learn from it, brace yourself for it, and grow spiritually not only in spite of it—but because of it.
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Topics:Conflict, Conflict management, Conflict resolution, Confrontation, Controversy, Difficult people, Division, Stress, Unity
Filters:Church board, Deacon, Discipleship, Elder, Management, Pastor, Pastoral care
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