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Gift Pack - Children's Director
Say thanks to your children's director with a gift that will equip and energize them for their vocation.
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This Resource Bundle contains all of the following downloads:

Orientation Guides
Children's Director
Meet your obligations to parents, volunteers, and the kids.
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Practical Ministry Skills
Rest and Renewal for Busy Church Leaders
Consider ways to work in more opportunities for rest and renewal amid all the pressures and busyness of daily ministry.
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Children's Ministry
Telling the Whole Story
Consider how we can better communicate the story of Scripture to our children—including the good, the bad, and even the difficult.
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Topics:Leadership, Renewal
Filters:Children's ministry, Children's pastor
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Joanne Roba

March 31, 2014  1:44pm

Concerning ""Telling the Story", which age groups would this material be appropriate?

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