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Issues Preteens Face
Help preteens develop a solid sense of self and a strong, resilient faith that will weather the coming storms of the teenage years.
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As someone who ministers to preteens, you can play an essential role in helping them develop a solid sense of self and a strong, resilient faith that will weather the coming storms of the teenage years. This download is meant to give you a starting point for doing just that.

To begin, you'll find several articles that address specific issues preteens are dealing with. After each article there are several "Consider" questions for you to use in your own personal reflection or to talk about with others in your church who work with preteens.

Then you'll find a section called "Ministry Insights." This is the spot where you'll get some specific ideas and practical strategies for strengthening your ministry to preteens.

It can be a scary world out there for your preteens—having you alongside of them, helping them navigate this time of major transition, will make a huge impact in their lives.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Preparing for Puberty 
Helping preteens navigate the turbulent waters of approaching adolescence.

Coping with Cliques 
Preteens struggle to form healthy friendships.

The Pressure to Cheat 
When preteens and teens see others cheating, especially without being caught, it's easy for them to question the importance of integrity.

Bullies Are Hurting Too 
Ministering to kids who bully others.

Deadening the Heart 
Killer video games are no 'safety valve' for preteens and teens—quite the opposite.

Preteen Pressures 
High-risk behaviors once limited to adolescence are finding their way into the preteen world.

First Steps Toward Faith Ownership 
An Interview with Preteen Ministry Veteran Patrick Snow.

Get into Their World 
What preteens are like and how to get to know them.

5 Things Your Preteens Want You to Know 
Strategies for your preteen Sunday school class.

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Anna Hanson

July 11, 2014  11:17am

Excellent source! Thank you so much for posting these informative articles! I am writing books for preteen boys and girls, and these helped me a great deal!

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