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Design Creative Spaces for Your Preschool Ministry
Make your preschool space safe and inviting for learning.
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When children walk in the front door of your church, you want them to feel like it's welcoming, safe, and fun. The décor should make a good impression with a well-designed room layout and engaging activities.

In this session, we'll explore the three aspects of creative space design for preschool ministry—décor, room design, and activity stations—and provide some resources.

This tool is adapted from "Designing a Creative Learning Environment for Your Preschooler," a PromiseLand Conference workshop by Otis Price. PromiseLand is a ministry of the Willow Creek Association.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Blend room and purpose to create inviting environment for kids.

Room Design
Work with what you have for group and individual needs.

Toys and Activity Stations
Build places for kids to connect and learn key concepts.

Activity Station Ideas
Different ideas for ages 2-5.

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References:Mark 9:37
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