Children's Ministry
Aligning Your Ministry with Your Church's Vision
Your ministry works best when aligned with the goals and overall mission of your church.
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Your children's ministry-and every other ministry-works best when aligned with the goals and overall mission of your church. If you're experiencing tension, it might be because you're out of alignment. Lack of growth, a focus only on numbers, or a competitive spirit among ministries can indicate an alignment issue. Working with the strategy of your church means you have your collective destination mapped out and everyone is traveling in the same direction in the same "vehicle." This download is designed to help children's ministry leaders align their ministry with the identified strategy of their church.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Search and Identify
Taking a close look at what we're doing and how it's working.

Evaluating Our System
How well are our activities and programs living up to our mission?

Identifying Success
How do we measure the impact of our ministry?

Narrowing Our Focus
Moving closer to our final plan.

Finalize and Implement
Let's fine-tune and set some dates for putting our plan into action.

Spread the Word
It's time to get the congregation excited about our plan.

Maintaining Alignment
Keeping our goals and church mission in focus over the long haul.

Glossary of Terms
Help for understanding the various facets of church organization and alignment.

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