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The primary work of the church is to worship God as the body of Christ. Some members of the body are involved as leaders, whether in preaching, sacraments, and prayer, or in worship arts. There is plenty of room for diversity in worship—but there are certain standards and practices that any church must follow to ensure quality, consistency, and legality. Use these handouts and descriptions to carefully define employment status and standards for many different kinds of worship leaders.

This Resource contains all of the following:

The Administration of Worship Arts 

Contract: Pastor of Music in Worship 

Generic Worksheet: Music Director Time Requirements 

Job Description: Director of Music Ministry 

Job Description: Associate Pastor of Music and Worship/ Caring Ministries 

Job Description: Contemporary Music Pastor 

Job Description: Contemporary Music Specialist 

Job Description: Media Sound Technician 

GIA/One Reprint and Copyright Information 

CCLI Church Copyright License Information 

Sample Tech Sheet 

Fine Arts Festival Artist Exhibition Forms 

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References:Psalm 33:3, Ephesians 5:19
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Godwin Akang

July 18, 2012  9:57am

I'm yet to access the Training Pack in order to do the rating. However, look at the Topics, they are very interesting.

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