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Church Staff Evaluations
Evaluations are an essential way to help employees grow in their careers while keeping the church healthy.
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Every church should perform annual evaluations to help guide and motivate staff. Here you'll find a compilation of forms that range from helping a staff member establish and review goals and objectives to reviewing specific roles, such as musicians and administrative staff. You can alter, customize, and print out each form to make your evaluations a smooth and helpful process.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Preliminary Steps for Church Staff Evaluations

Performance Appraisal for Pastoral Staff

Performance Appraisal for Musicians

Performance Appraisal for Administrative Staff

Pastoral Performance Evaluation

Musician Performance Evaluation

Administrative Staff Performance Evaluation

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References:1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12:4-6
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Adam Barton

May 07, 2015  9:06am

Really appreciate this. I was able to tweak a few things in my current evaluation forms. Good stuff. Pastor Adam Barton e_tab_profile

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Emmanuel Jardiniano

December 04, 2014  2:05pm

This service is excellent

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nelsa auron

July 27, 2013  8:12am

as church cell group leader, am tasked to equip cell members with training that will help us in doing and keeping up with our church's ministry functions and in reaching out to people. i would be much grateful for all the help that i could access through this site. am hoping that together, we will grow by God's provision and cooperation among brethren. God bless!

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