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Organizing a Church Board
A healthy, organized board is essential to any church.
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Nearly all churches are governed by a legal body. The board of directors is the official body that has final accountability for the church and its ministry, and makes ultimate decisions about ministry priorities.

In this download, you'll find forms that include job descriptions for board officers, and orientations documents for new board members, including a statement of expectations. A sample agenda is provided, along with minutes of the meeting that followed the agenda. This tool also includes helpful ways to organize board committees, conflict-of-interest policies, and ways to organize the annual board retreat.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Board Basics 

Board Member Job Description 

Board Officer Job Description: Chair 

Board Officer Job Description: Secretary 

Board Officer Job Description: Treasurer 

Board Member Expectations 

Board Member Orientation 

Board Meeting Agenda (Annotated) 

Board Meeting Minutes 

Board Meeting Roles 

Board Committees 

Board Pastoral Relations Committee 

Conflict of Interest Policy 

Annual Board Retreat Plan 

Board Strategic Planning 

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References:Acts 1:23-26
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david ochieng

April 25, 2014  8:38am

This is a great resource to pastors who are ministering in Africa. Thanks and blessings

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July 17, 2013  6:00am

We have started a Spiritual Ministry called "POWER OF WORD MINISTRY' ere in Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA [East Africa]. Please in God's wisdom we are requesting your mercy to help us get the right answers to the following challenging problem: How many Ministry Boards we need to establish in governing our ministry's affairs? Because we have told of the following; a) Accountability Board, b) Board of Directors, c) Board of Trustees. Thanks so much for your attention for our spiritual need. You can e-mail your directives to us through the following e-mail:

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June 07, 2013  4:20am

These are great works accomplished, they are very helpful in putting the work of the Lord in order. I'm putting these in great practice for the advancement of the ministry the Lord has afforded me with. Thank you very much. Keep the good work up. Regards, Lerato (Pastor)

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Thabo Nathaniel Sishange

September 12, 2011  7:38am

thanks very much it sound more intresting i wish have this book for the church the name of the church is United Apostolic Church of Christ in South Africa

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