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These descriptions and forms will provide nursery coordinators, children's ministry administrators, pastors, and volunteers with materials that clarify the expectations at your church regarding nursery and childcare. With these documents in place, your church will be able to promote the engagement of the very young in Christian discipleship and the foundations in faith development and Christian education.
We hope these forms assist your church in best practices in the care and feeding of the very youngest of God's children, and the development of volunteers and paid workers who love and care for them.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Nursery and Childcare Ministry: Nursery Policies

Nursery and Childcare Ministry: Nursery Use Policy

Nursery and Childcare Ministry: Tell Us About Your Child (ages infant to 2)

Nursery and Childcare Ministry: Nursery Ministry Information

Nursery and Childcare Ministry: Nursery Schedule

Nursery and Childcare Ministry: Caregiver Policies

Pick-up /Release Form

Nursery and Childcare Ministry: Alternative Pick-Up: Ages 0-8

Nursery and Childcare Ministry: Infectious Diseases Policy

Nursery and Childcare Ministry: Child Protection and Security

Nursery and Childcare Ministry: Security Identification System

Nursery and Childcare Ministry: Guidelines for Physical Contact

Nursery and Childcare Ministry: Staffing Guidelines

Volunteer Application for Nursery and Childcare

Nursery and Childcare Ministry: Evaluation of Early Childhood Ministries Preschool Ministry (3-year-olds through kindergartners)

Keeping Young Children Safe at Church
Practical measures to create a safe environment for kids attending your church

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ajuma maji

May 01, 2012  7:23am

we need strong leaders in these shaky times.

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