Best Church Practices
Evangelistic and Newcomer Ministry
Forms and documents to facilitate excellent outreach
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These 17 descriptions and forms will provide evangelism committees, newcomer ministries, outreach groups, pastors, and other leaders with materials that offer many options for the church in communicating in a gentle but clear way with unchurched persons.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Evangelism and Outreach in the Local Church 

The Role of the Pastor in Evangelism 

20 Questions to Evaluate Effectiveness in Evangelism  

Evangelism Readiness Assessment 

8 Razones Para Creer en la fe cristiana 

Targeting Our Community for Evangelism 

An Outline for New Member Targeting 

Newcomer/Visitor Package 

Guest Welcome Center 

Newcomer Welcome Letter 

Newcomer Welcome Letter 

Newcomer E-Mail 

Newcomer Follow-up Plan 

Newcomer Party Plans 

Current Year Outreach Plan 

Ten Steps to Planning Outreach Events 

Received Christ Letter 

Christmas Outreach Postcard 

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Topics:Evangelism, Outreach, Seekers, Unchurched, Visitors & guests
Filters:Committee member, Management, Outreach, Pastor, Volunteer
References:Mark 13:10, Romans 15:20, Matthew 28:19
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April 28, 2011  5:20pm

I agree with you both.

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April 28, 2011  2:23pm

I am sad to say that I agree. I think it is safe to say that many churches who could benefit from this resource have their finances being scrupulously guarded. I am an Interim, so that goes double for me, s a not-yet-trusted "outsider." The folks who can afford this probably don't need it as much.

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b p

April 28, 2011  10:46am

again you do not want to really help us.. You just want us to buy things

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