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Assessment Pack
Vision & Strategy
Guiding people through decisions about your church's direction.
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This pack features 8 quality assessment tools from the Decision Making, Managing Change, Strategic Planning, and Vision Training Themes. Use these tools with your team to help direct them through the tough process of change, including handling growth, adding a new ministry, or enacting a new vision and direction. Each assessment conveniently fits on one page, so they're easy to print, copy, and hand out.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Are We Ready to Decide? (free sample)
Find out with this influence indicator.

Are We Ready for Change?
Understanding our strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

The Angst of Change
Reasons why congregations resist numerical growth.

Do We Need to Change?
A 6-point church check-up.

Price of Progress
3 questions to answer before starting a new ministry.

Pool of Support
3 questions to answer before starting a new ministry.

What Makes a Vision Effective
Why some work better than others.

Restructuring to Grow
4 signs a redesign may be necessary.

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Recruiting & Staffing
Develop an effective strategy for finding the key people you need on staff and volunteer teams.

Reaching Our Community
Look at the strategy of evangelistic ministry and examine spiritual motivations for sharing the gospel.

Three Traits of a Leader
If a leader demonstrates competency, genuine concern for others, and admirable character, people will follow him.

Topics:Change, Direction, Growth, Leadership, Master plan, Planning, Strategy, Transitions, Vision
Filters:Church board, Deacon, Discipleship, Elder, Outreach, Pastor
References:1 Corinthians 10:31-11:1, Numbers 14:1-9, Nehemiah 2:11-18
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Noe Rodriguez

May 20, 2015  7:34pm

This area is for people to comment on the material at hand so others can see if it's what they are looking for, not to criticize this organization. Pastor and church leader I understand your need, and I am sure if you use the contact information below (Contact Us) and expressed your need, that they would help you out (if not let me know and I will gladly buy it for you). Rose Amer , I am not sure I would take a course from you, how easily for you to judge this site. Churches run with money also, Pastor's get paid, church leaders get paid, that's why we tithe, and give our offerings, (so technically your Pastor is not preaching for free) maybe your concern is how they use the money, but I don't think you know how this organization is using the money it makes, maybe they fund other ministries, and you judged them so harshly without knowing the truth. You said "No one needs to learn to Love" I think you do, use the "Contact Us" next time. Great points Michael!

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February 19, 2015  11:32pm

This is not a communist society. So, if you feel your church needs the products then do the right thing and pay for them, if not then don't. We live in a free market society that gives us this option, but do not criticize these people for asking for their services to be paid for. What is even more interesting is that we expect our Christian brothers and sisters to give us everything for free; but yet, we would never ask the same thing in the secular world from a non Christian. Wanting everything for free is freeloading off of the backs of their talents and labor. These people should be paid for their efforts and labor just as we expect to be paid for our efforts and labor at our jobs? They have bills to pay just as we have bills to pay.

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Rose Amer

February 19, 2015  9:27am

I teach these courses for free. I do not understand why we need to spend this much money to learn to do something that we are meant to do- love your neighbors as your self. No one needs to learn to love. So called Christians have made everything a money making business. This is one of the reasons Christians are leaving churches. Gospel is not for sale. Jesus gave it to for free so we should distribute it for free.

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Rose Amer

February 19, 2015  9:23am


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Darrion McCoy

February 12, 2011  7:48pm

I am a Pastor of a small church and I would like material to help us grow but I am not in a position to buy anything right now!

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