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Assessment Pack
Spiritual Growth
Discover how you can grow closer to God.
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This pack features 8 quality assessment tools from the Spiritual Formation, Energy & Enthusiasm, and Knowing God Training Themes. Use them with your team as a catalyst for moving their relationship with the Lord to the next level and be on your way to having a healthier and more dynamic church. Each assessment conveniently fits on one page, so they're easy to print, copy and hand out.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Guidelines for Effective Prayer
9 principles for including God in church decisions.

Winsome Faith
5 qualities that reflect God's image.

Am I Too Tired?
How to determine whether your fatigue is normal or serious.

Signs of Hurry Sickness
How to know if you're moving too fast.

The Way of Contentment
What makes the difference between a Christian who is frustrated and one who is content?

What's Your Orphan Quotient
Seeing yourself as God's child.

The 4 Religious Types (free sample)
How personality influences our perception of God.

4 Threats to Quiet Time (free sample)
Overcoming invasions of intimacy with God.

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Topics:Adult education, Congregational care, Growth, Health, Peace, Shepherding, Soul, Spiritual Care
Filters:Christian education, Counseling, Discipleship, Pastoral care, Shepherd, Spiritual director
References:Ephesians 4:16, Romans 12:1-8, Psalm 131
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Abebe Menedo

April 26, 2011  8:18am

It's good.

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Fr Mathew Chacko

April 23, 2011  6:39am

A Great Resource. Thanks

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fred oduro kwarteng

March 10, 2011  5:10am

love the words

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fred oduro kwarteng

March 09, 2011  11:19am

i love it

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Mary Reyes-Colon

January 09, 2011  9:46pm

This is a wonderful resource for christians to learn, grow and enhanced their knowledge of christian faith and practices. Also to know how to be a better servant of christ!

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