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Leadership Styles
Know your leadership style and those of other leaders in your church.
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Determining your own leadership style and understanding the style of your fellow leaders can transform the way you work together. In Leadership Styles, Sue Mallory, the former director of Leadership Training Network, discusses how to identify and work with various leadership styles in church ministry. Also included are assessment tools to find your own style and a Bible study examining leadership in the New Testament.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Finding Your Leadership Style 
10 ways to lead God's people.

Holding People Back? 
10 unintentional approaches that keep leaders from emerging.

Your Leadership is Unique 
There is no one "leader personality".

4 Myths about Leadership 
And the real story.

Leadership at the Church Picnic 
You can find leadership styles in often-overlooked places.

Who Am I as a Leader? 
A tool for finding your leadership style.

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Topics:Christlikeness, Leadership, Leadership styles, Mentoring, Motivation, Servanthood
Filters:Church board, Deacon, Discipleship, Elder, Pastor
References:Psalm 78:72, Romans 12:8, 2 Timothy 2:2
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