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Assessment Pack
Budgeting and Spending
How confident are you in your church's budgeting and spending practices?
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How confident are you in your church's budgeting and spending practices? These assessments help your team cover basic budgeting principles, avoid common traps of budgeting, make appropriate spending choices, and accurately monitor and evaluate your finances. Each assessment conveniently fits on one page, so they're easy to print, copy, and hand out.

This Resource contains all of the following:

Budget Basics 
Applying fundamental principles can take some of the uncertainty out of church finances.

Avoid Budget Snares 
Traps your church can bypass as you craft a budget.

Setting Budget Priorities  
Making choices moves budgeting from theory to practice.

Know Where the Money Goes 
Accountability can be achieved without resorting to a complicated reporting system.

When Money Is Tight 
Evaluate your ability to take the proper steps when the budget goes into the red.

Managing Designated Funds 
How to make sure your church is making good use of ministry-specific donations.

Harnessing Large Bequests 
Keep major endowments from planting the seeds of big budget trouble.

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Topics:Budget, Committees, Donations, Evaluation, Leadership, Management, Operations, Stewardship
Filters:Business administrator, Church board, Finances, Financial officer, Fundraising ministry, Management, Stewardship, Treasurer
References:Luke 14:28, Philippians 2:3-4, 1 Kings 3:9
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