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How can leaders help breathe new life into volunteers?

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Volunteers are essential to your ministry, so investing in their spiritual health is just as important as those your ministry serves.

First, it would be wise for the leaders to do an assessment on the soul care efforts of their team—how are the volunteers doing personally? Then convey to them that their soul's wellbeing is of tremendous importance.

Continue to check in. Always pray on a regular basis for the volunteers on your team—specifically! You might even consider securing a prayer team solely for your volunteers.

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LynBrowne   (Guest) Posted: April 26, 2012
Soul care training doesn't start when a person volunteers for a job or position. Soul care starts the minute they walk into your fellowship. Jesus reached out to those who were alone and those who were in the crowd. He made them want to belong. Training a volunteer begins before you know where they fit in position; it starts when they are lookig for someplace to belong. Our job as leaders would be to help them "find the fit" that makes them part of the whole.

PhilCromer   (Guest) Posted: April 15, 2012
Dont expect them to have a professional approach and a 100% result and effectiveness without training. Approach them with the attitude that Jesus did when he approached us - encouragement by constantly being in touch with them, sympathise, empathise, rewarding them. Smile and work alongside them, support by suggesting options and failures should be overlooked but when next training course comes along or if a mature worker is found, give them time to work alongside them so they can be mentored or taught or provide opportunities to learn. Dont leave them to work alone. Pray alongside them and within the work place, helping them to know they are valued in serving God. If an opportunity to talk about personal life comes, take it and use the time to lead them closer to God. Smile, laugh with them, sweat and cry and spend some silent moments with them.

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